Water Quality of Port Yasmine Hammamet


The internal general currentology at Yasmine Hammamet Port is organized so that no region of stagnant water remains.

Yasmine Hammamet port is thus the first port in the Mediterranean to be equipped in such efficient way to remediate and renew the water of the port. It offers to users a very good quality of water.

The circulation and renewal of water in the port basins and the canal have been the subject of specific studies, by mathematical models, to obtain a permenant guarantee of good water quality in all areas in the port.

The entire volume of the harbor water is renewed every 72 hours, there’s three points of injection of seawater taken from deep sea. Each one of these points has a flow of 500 liters/second in the harbor. Another point of injection has a flow of 1000 liters/second in the canal.

To this renewing water device is combined a submersible water agitator, located at the canal exit, and a meter diameter avivement nozzle located under the capitainerie and the shipyard, connecting the southern basin directly with the entrance pass.

Sea water injection point
Submersible agitators

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