As a passionate traveller, you will have to keep your eyes open because a thousand small details will tell you about the country and will be as many memories as you want to bring with you. Lovers of sumptuous carpets, pottery, ceramics and typical jewellery, the choice will be difficult as the beauty is present.

  • Souks: The most beautiful way to visit the souks is to walk without a purpose, to follow the whirl of life and to be guided by his senses. Fluffy wool, glass of hot tea, scents of spices and brines in the grocer’s souk, flavours of skewers and pastries with honey, rumour of men and thuds of tools everywhere.
  • Getting lost in this maze of alleys, arches and dead ends is to share the fascinating authenticity of a jealously preserved world. No one here knows where the pleasure of the senses begins.

Joys Hammamet

Joys model, Yasmine, Hammamet -Tunisie
(+216) 72 24 03 24

Blue Ice

Yasmine, Hammamet -Tunisie
(+216) 72 24 06 66

Medina Souk

Yasmine, Hammamet -Tunisie
(+216) 72 24 10 00

About us

The Yasmine Hammamet Tunisia marina welcomes you and offers its Plaisance activities 

Contact Us

  • Address: Capitainerie de Port Yasmine Hammamet 8050 - Tunisie
  • Phone: +216 72 24 11 11
  • Fax: +216 72 24 12 12
  • Latitude: 36° 22' 296" - Longitude: 10° 32' 786"
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