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The Yasmine Hammamet marina works every day to preserve the quality of the environment. Due to the actions implemented as well as the policy of encouraging respect for nature, it becomes the first marina in Tunisia with a label in terms of environment and sustainable development.

Port Yasmine Hammamet's environmental policy is reflected in actions at sea and on land. This particularly voluntary involvement gave him the favor of hoisting the famous blue flag since 2006, which rewards the most committed pleasure ports.

This eco-label raises awareness and motivates marinas that make a special effort in the environmental management of the port and its surroundings and which provides users with information about environmental problems. To obtain the Blue Flag, the marina must follow a series of requirements that address accessibility, environmental education and information, environmental management, services, safety, cleanliness and quality of water.


You’re able to support this campaign by actively contributing to the environmental protection:


  • Following the instructions of the Marina code of conduct.
  • Using only environmentally friendly products. Paints, Detergents, etc.
  • Reporting any pollution, or other environmental violation that is observed, immediately to the authorities.
  • Conserving the usage of water, electricity, and fuel.
  • Encouraging other Boaters, and Port users, to join in and take care of the environment.


 bleu flag port yasmine

About us

The Yasmine Hammamet Tunisia marina welcomes you and offers its Plaisance activities 

Contact Us

  • Address: Capitainerie de Port Yasmine Hammamet 8050 - Tunisie
  • Phone: +216 72 24 11 11
  • Fax: +216 72 24 12 12
  • Latitude: 36° 22' 296" - Longitude: 10° 32' 786"
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