Tunisian gastronomy is the result of an ingenious combination mixing local expertise with contributions from various origins and eras. The Berber origin of couscous is certified. It is a daily dish in some regions. The primitive background was enriched by the contributions of the people who came to the country. The contribution of the Jewish community who lived in Tunisia to Tunisian cuisine is very important.

  • The Tunisian culinary art makes extensive use of olive oil and spices, which is the appropriate mixture and the skilful and miraculous dosing, transforming simple and cheap products into fancy dishes.
  • Modern Tunisian gastronomy offers a wide choice of appetizers. If the most popular one is the famous egg and tuna or egg and meat stuffed Brik, other starters are as if not tastier: Brik Dandouni, various vegetable salads such as grilled salad or salad with fish or octopus, and fish or lamp soup.
  • Always of certain freshness and an exquisite flavour, the noble fish are variously prepared from simple grill to the most elaborate preparation.


Rue Ali Belhouane - Centre Ville Hammamet -Tunisie
(+216) 72 28 01 40

La Bouillabaisse

Port Yasmine - Tunisie
(+216) 72 241 841

Restaurant Mistral

Marina - Hammamet -Tunisie
(+216) 72 24 000
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