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Port Yasmine Hammamet

If you check for a mooring place in a marina in Tunisia, the Yasmine Hammamet port is the solution. Yasmine Hammamet port will give you all accomodations needed for boating.
Yasmine Hammamet port, with its proportions and technical characteristics make it the most important marina of Tunisia and one of the southern coast of the Mediterranean.
Yasmine Hammamet port offers you assistance 24 hours a day throughout the year.
Yasmine Hammamet port has a modern capitainerie, more than two kilometres of pontoons and docks, more than seven hundred berths providing drinking water and up to 600 amp of electricity, a shipchandler and almost one hectare area for the shipyard, his travel lift is 150 tons capacity.


  • Tunisian harbors discovery offer

    191 hits13 April 2021
    Discover tunisia from on harbor and benefit from  a discount of up to 25%  on your mooring costs.. This offer is an invitation to discover tunisia beyound the quays and pontoons. Each stopover will allow you to discover a region with a contrasting landscape rich in heritage and traditions. In short four dreams destinations not to be missed.  

Notice to Mariners

  • Covid-19

    Conditions of entry into Tunisian territory

    From June first, 2021, no more obligatory quarantine in a hotel for individual travelers arriving in Tunisia, by exempting them from submitting to a negative Covid-19 "PCR" laboratory analysis for the following cases:

    • Those who have received full doses of anti-Covid vaccines, provided that they present a vaccination certificate bearing a "QR Code" or given by the competent health authorities.
    • Those who have tested positive for coronavirus for at least 6 weeks from the date of registration of the trip after presenting a medical certificate submitted by the competent health authorities.

    For the rest of travellers over 12 years of age:

    • Present a "PCR" laboratory certificate proving the negative analysis of Covid-19 bearing a "QR Code" or given by the competent health authorities and the date of its issue must not exceed 72 hours when registering for the trip by signing a commitment on the honor that declares its commitment to self-isolation for a period of 7 days.
    • Fill out the mandatory information requested on the websitehttps://app.e7mi.tn/travelers/add, then print and sign the two documents generated by the application: the health card and the commitment sheet that will be given to the Tunisian health services on arrival.
    Health measures in force in Tunisia

    From May 3rd 2021, the following health measures are applied on Tunisian territory:

    • Curfew 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. every day throughout the country.

    Governors also have the ability to isolate areas classified as clusters and at very high risk.

    Tunisian government has announced the strengthening of measures to control the wearing of masks in closed public spaces and transport with the closure of establishments that do not comply with health protocol and the imposition of a fine of 60 Tunisian dinars for violators. Private and public parties, weekly markets, forums and conventions are prohibited. Only the terraces of cafes/restaurants can remain open.

    A green number has been opened by the Tunisian Ministry of the Interior for anyone wishing to inquire about these measures: 00216 80 10 11 11.

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