Our Port Yasmine Marina, and it’s Environment.

Due the respect shown, and the commitment given to the environment, Port Yasmine Hammamet, was awarded, in 2006, with the prestigious BLUE FLAG. (being the first port in Tunisia to achieve this honour) This award only goes to Marina’s that make a special effort with regard to the environmental management of their port, and also of the surrounding sea and natural area.

This involves :

  • • Implementation of an incentive policy, directed towards Boaters respecting their involvement with the environment,
  • • A suitable attitude towards the future sustainable development, of the Port and its surroundings.
  • • Accessibility of educational and environmental information, provided to all those involved, Boaters, Restaurant staffs, Security personnel, Yard workers, etc.
  • • The quality of the water in the port being constantly monitored, and the means of cleaning, and dealing quickly with any pollution emergency that may occur, being in place at all times, as well as the regular tidying up of misplaced floating garbage.

Everyone can help the campaign actively, contributing to the environmental protection in many ways Such as :

  • • Following the instructions of the Marina code of conduct.
  • • Using only environmentally friendly products. Paints, Detergents, etc.
  • • Reporting any pollution, or other environmental violation that is observed, immediately to the authorities.
  • • Conserving the usage of water, electricity, and fuel.
  • • Encouraging other Boaters, and Port users, to join in and take care of the environment.