Formalities of entry and exit

Port Yasmine Hammamet provides all formalities of entry and exit from the territory. The customs services of the National Guard, the Border Police and Merchant Marine are grouped with the Harbour.

Except for emergency situations, all yachts arriving by sea from abroad must dock a port harboring a customs and immigration office [1], in order to go through usual procedures.

While entering a Tunisian port, all foreign ships should display in evidence their own nationality flag as well as the Tunisian flag.
At entrance, the ship’s owner or user must present himself at the authorities office to make his formal declaration of entry.
Une fois les formalités d'entrée accomplies, le service des Douanes délivre un permis de libre navigation pour l'embarcation, en précisant sa durée d'utilisation. Ce permis confère à l'embarcation le droit de naviguer dans les eaux territoriales tunisiennes et la dispense de toute autre formalité de douane jusqu'à la prochaine sortie pour une destination étrangère.

Once entrance procedures are completed, the customs office delivers to the boat a free navigation license, showing the period of validity. The license gives authorization to the boat to navigate on Tunisian territorial waters, and exempts it from any other customs formalities until the next exit for a foreign destination.
In case of immobilization of the boat in the seaport, duly recorded by the customs services, the period of immobilization (as for winter parking) is deducted from the navigation period. The unrestricted circulation license is valid for a period of 6 months per annum, and may be renewed at the holder’s request.

When leaving to sail abroad, the boat’s user must hand back to the borders police office of the departure port his exit declaration as well as the unrestricted circulation license that was delivered to him at his arrival.