The Yachting Code of Conduct


Do not throw waste or at sea or on the coast.

I respect the vulnerable areas protected as nature reserves.

I avoid damage to the seabed by choosing my areas and my wetting means.

I do not buy and do not use a part manufactured objects or protected from underwater archaeological sites species.

Do not use prohibited fishing means and I respect the seasons or fishing is prohibited.


I use the sanitary facilities to limit emissions in the port.

I wash my boat with biodegradable products to reduce the intake of phosphates and nitrates.

I am asking about the equipment made available to me and informs the captaincy of any risk of pollution.

I sort my trash in appropriate containers.

When servicing my boat

I use areas fairing at my disposal at the Port Yasmine Hammamet.

Do not spill solvents, acids, dhuiles , hydrocarbons in stormwater networks.

I do my work sanding and spray paints , after my shell belt with a tarp.

I respect the regulations regarding the use of antifouling paints and prefers less harmful paints for my environment.

Refueling Station

I avoid the overflow of the tank and drained the gun in the noble before hanging.

I make sure to fill the tank right at my full water and fuel.

I request an absorbent to the captaincy in case of accidental release of hydrocarbons in water fuel kit.

Before casting off

I make sure I have put my waste and other toxic products in the specific equipment installed by the Port Yasmine Hammamet.