The craft industry : as an impassioned travel, it will be necessary for you to keep the open eye because thousand small details will speak to you about the country and will be as many memories as you wish to bring back with you. Amateurs of sumptuous carpet, potteries, ceramics, typical jewels, the choice will be difficult.

Souks: The best way to visit       the souks is walking without haste and without purpose, follow the vortex of life, guided by his senses. Soft wool, glass of hot tea, spices and scents in brine souk grocers, flavors of kebabs and pastries Honey rumor men thuds tools everywhere.

Getting lost in the maze of alleys, passages, vaults and impasses is sharing the fascinating authenticité d'un monde jalousement préservé. Ici, personne ne sait où finit le plaisir de l'esprit et où commence le plaisir des sens.


Centre Sultan Lemdina Avenue de la medina - Yasmine Hammamet -Tunisie

Super Marché BRAVO

Yasmine Hammamet - Hammamet -Tunisie


Yasmine - Hammamet -Tunisie

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